Friday, December 26, 2008

Um, where's the melting they keep talking about?

The weather forecast was for warmer temperatures and rain. In fact, we're supposed to be under a flood watch. (The lower elevations will have a rapid melt of a ton of snow, rivers will rise, flat lands will flood. You know, a whole different type of disaster.) Anyway, instead, we had about 2 and a half hours of heavy, giant snowflakes. It looked like a very heavy fog outside, but it was snow. So instead of a melt, which would allow me to leave my home and, say, get groceries, I'm home wondering what can to open for dinner again.

OTOH, I'm happy I still have food in the cupboard, but I'd really like to add a few new non-canned/boxed things. I don't think anyone expected this much snow. Really, 13 days? In an area where they don't plow my street so I can get out? No, 1-2 days is good for me.

We had a lovely Christmas (and yes, it was snowing) and the girls were very happy with their haul of gifts (a few books, some chemistry/science kits, two video games and two movies and warm, fluffy pajamas). I'm glad they like them so much, because that is what they're spending their time doing now. Other than an occasional crawl on the neighbor's igloo, they aren't much interested in going out anymore. The thrill of snow not only wears off, but most of the other neighborhood kids seem to be gone. (The igloo is there near the big bush, but may be too hard to see. It is covered over with more snow now.)

Because of the snow, we missed all of the Vespers services leading up to Christmas at our church. We also missed the Christmas Eve service and Christmas Day as well. That was a big bummer for us, and has never, ever happened before. I hope we can make it to church this weekend! We weren't the only ones not there, though, as a few friends who did make it said the church was really very empty. I guess more of us need chains or snow tires, even if we only need them once every 4-5 years. heh

We were able to get out Christmas Day to have dinner with friends from church. They had snow tires and came and picked us up. We spent the day with other friends and a new one (a co-worker of our hosts). The discussions were varied and quite interesting. The newcomer recently immigrated from India, another guest was from Lebanon, so lots of cultural exchange. lol I brought my knitting, but didn't manage a single stitch. That's okay. I sampled some Lebanese liqueur and some Turkish (style) coffee. Then didn't sleep much, so maybe I should have skipped the coffee. grin

I tidied up my yarn corner a bit today and now can't decide what project to work on. I'd like to cast on something new, but I should just stick with the sweater. I'm making decent progress, in spite of myself, and I'd like to keep going while I can. Other yarn is soooo tempting, though. sigh Especially now that I've been petting it. Oh why didn't I just leave it a bit of a mess?

Well, I'm going to go sit by the fire, watch more snow fall and try to decide what project to work on. Or start ...

Temptation thy name is yarn! Or, it is today.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm in knitting mode, too, and have several projects I would like to cast on. After I finish the last gift knit (and do the finishing work on the little purses), I'm going to make myself an Abrazo (from; I have a stash of the perfect bulky yarn! I'm also itching to start spinning again, even though I knit less from homespun. I just like the process!

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Ahemmm... I have to admit I think it sounds absolutely delightful with all that snow! Just spoke to friends in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver BC and they tell a similar picture. :)
By the way, found your blog on Michelle's (Boulderneigh).

Stacy said...

Texas Christmas, Jamie, that's all I can say. Warm (nearly 80) on Christmas Eve, low 60s on Christmas Day, and it's been sorta like that ever since. In addition to our church's Christmas Eve service we also attended the local "rock-n-roll" church (i.e., "modern, contemporary" with ROCK music). It was fun, but I still liked ours best. You could actually SING with the carols! So sorry you couldn't make it to church, though ... I totally understand how that would have stunk!

At least you've got creative mojo going, gf. I keep looking up at my craft loft and going, "Hmmm ... nope, no stamping, no scrapping in my head today." Too busy playing Guitar Praise and reading the 20th Anniversary of Dilbert book (Bjorn's). Maybe tomorrow ...