Monday, July 21, 2008

Stitching backwards

I still don't know how I managed it, but yesterday I spent a fair bit of time on the new quilt square project. In reviewing about two hours worth of stitching, I found that there are two small sections where for no apparent reason I decided to cross the stitch the wrong way. I don't know if I shifted the fabric while I was stitching or if I just temporarily lost my mind. (I like to pretend it is temporary.) So, today I will be ripping out those stitches and then trying to get more of the square done.

Yesterday Himself picked up season one of Nero Wolfe on DVD. He got it at a used bookstore for about $20, so it was a great deal! Last night, we watched the first episode and I spent the entire time spinning. It was so much fun! I love this series, it is very well done, and my spinning went really well. If I can continue to balance the stitching and spinning, this will do much to soothe my tired brain.

I handed off the hats to the two boys yesterday, and they were both pleased. The youngest, who requested them in the first place, was so happy he wore it all day. It seems he'd been pestering my friend about whether or not I'd remember that I promised to knit him a hat. He was very worried that I'd forget. I was really happy I made the time, he was very happy when he saw the hat in my hand. That made the whole project worth every minute. Even so, I'll try not to volunteer for anything else in the near future. I'm really not enjoying deadlines right now. Must be SUMMER! LOL

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Michele / akkasha said...

I finally got a moment to catch up on some reading. So this is a compilation reply!

I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. That is very sad news. I am sure she is at peace now which is a blessing.

I already spoke with you about the cat. But I will say again, get another pet. I think they are good for a family. I know I can't be without one long.

I *love* the yarn you spun! It looks terrific. I am so happy that you are working on spinning. I do understand it can be hard pressing yourself to do anything during the summer.

I will confess. I am glad to be doing the Tour, but I will also be glad when it is over. I have been participating every day (except the first 'cause I got is stuck in my head it started Sunday, not Saturday.) Today is mountain day so I am spinning some locks! It is definitely interesting.

I think the hats are great. I am glad the boys liked them.

Hope you are doing well.